Friday, April 16, 2010

Hormones are your greatest enemy!

I am not sure whose hormones are more out of whack ... my 44 year old hormones or my 16 year old's hormones!!! But if something doesn't happen soon, one of us isn't going to make it. I do not know what God had planned when he put pre-menopausal women in the same home as teenagers. Then throw a toddler in the mix and it just doesn't mix well. Thank goodness for tennis & naps - because today Abbie is out playing tennis and Natalie took a three hour nap! I will take small victories!

Since moving back home I have gained 20 pounds and lost most of my freedom. We are considering buying a home in Fort Benton. I am not sure that is wise. There are no jobs for me here and it is too stinking cold!! I am constantly under the judgment of family where as when we did not live close - they kept their comments/thoughts to themselves. Mainly they were not aware of our day-to-day dealings. Bigger problem - I hate to move!!

I realize that in todays world - my problems are nothing compared to what a lot of people are going through! The nice thing about this blog - I can hit a "publish post" button and send my thoughts out into the vast web - I am not really expecting any advise or words of wisdom, but it is a load off my chest!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amber, Mo, Abbie & Natalie

wow - an update .....

A lot has happened since I have last blogged ... imagine that - it has been over a year. My son moved to Montana to live with us, went to Northern Montana College in Havre and then dropped out! My girls are going to school at the local high school, playing volleyball and cheerleading. Mo and I are in the process of adopting my 3 year old great-niece. It has been some process. Her brothers have been adopted by another family - we went to Billings to help celebrate their new family. My mother is fit to be tied! She is not handling it well. Part of the adoption process you have to read their file - to find out how they came about being in the foster care system. After reading Natalie's file - if she was left in the wild to be raised by wolves, she would have been better off than living with my niece and her loser live-in, father of her three children excuse for a parent! I worried that I was 44 years old, my husband is 51 and our biological children are 20, 17 and 16. Worries no more. After dealing with the seriously flawed state system and seeing first hand what drinking and drugs can do to your parenting skills - we will manage just fine. I can't imagine my biggest flaw as a parent being a drop in the bucket compared to the mess we saved Natalie from.

I am currently not working and need to do something with my nursing license. Mo and I looked at a bigger home today but we are still considering moving to Garden City, Kansas. I am afraid to move to a new state ..... me, fearless mover over the years .... doesn't want to mess up Amber in her senior year and doesn't think Abbie can handle it.