Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's been a long time!

It's been a while since I have posted.  I have driven almost 500 miles or more this week going to volleyball games/tournaments.  My butt is getting bigger than Texas! I drive, sit and then drive home again!  The Jr.High girls placed 2nd in the tournament.  Only to be beaten (totally and without mercy) once by the Valley View team.  Sr. High... not so great.  

One of the four boys who destroyed the teachers house got 6 months in jail, $10,000 fine, and five years felony probation.  I work at the school where the teacher teaches.  This particular mother told her that she ruined her sons life.  HELLO.... it was your son who destroyed her house.  I am trying to keep this all in reality check as we go to court on Oct. 6th to see what the sentence is  handed down to my son for driving his friend to do a senior prank.  I feel for the boys and their families, but Lord have mercy.... I truly believe my son would not break into anyone's home and destroy one item in it.  But, kids do the stupidest things and sometimes they pay dearly - just like my boy is.............. I am just glad he didn't beat the stew out of a farmer nor did he damage anybody's property.  Gotta look for the silver lining people!

The above mentioned family also is moving............... kinda like us............ wonder if there is any crazy connection there?  hmmm......


Debbie said...

That's a harsh penalty. What kind of damage did they do? Check your rear view mirror on the way up north. LOL

Hope it goes well for your son.

A Day to Share with Tammy said...

Hey...I have been checking on you. You are still in my thoughts....hang in there.