Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the road again!

We made it home (FINALLY).  That is the longest drive!  But, we will be making it again here shortly.  We are going home to stay in December.  It was a hard decision, but now a relief that it is made.  My biggest loss will be my job that I dearly love!  I am the school nurse at our local junior high.  I have the same hours as my kids.  I am able to attend every sporting event they are in (volleyball, basketball and cheerleading).  I don't even have to pay at the home games because I am an employee.  The school board and superintendent are aware that my son did not go on school property nor cut down any trees.  He just dropped off the young man who did do the damage.  For several years now, the seniors that have done the pranks have gotten off with paying for the damages.  They have never been able to "punish" anyone because they had graduated.  Not so this time, my son has become their target of "making an example" out of.  They have even told me that. I see both sides of the argument.  I know they need to stop the pranks.  But the punishment does not fit the crime.  My son would be expelled for half the school year and then be sent to the alternative school for the last half.  He will not get to graduate with his class (if he is able to catch up on his expelled homework and graduate at all). He is not allowed on school property.   

I will post pictures of my trip asap!  I did enjoy my time there and feel a load taken off of my mind!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Almost there

Made it 98% of the way. Stopped off in the little town my husband grew up in and where we lived the first twelve years of our marriage. Tomorrow we are going to the town I grew up in where the reunion/50th is going down!

If you get a chance - check out the website (look to the right of my blog) MetroDad. He is a great read!

I will post pictures when I get home!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lord have Mercy!!

For the next couple of days I will be on the road to Montana, that's right - 1800 miles, 32 hours,five states, five adults and two dogs............... Just to see my parent's 50th!!!! 

Inspiring video

Was unable to download the video itself - but so worth watching!!


Talked with the lawyer and he said to go to Montana as planned.  It is such a looooong trip!  32 hours of driving.  I tried calling the Superintendent of our school to see about postponing their meeting regarding my son until I get home.  I do not think that they will, but I will ask.  Our lawyer will show up on our behalf.  I have to call again - he wasn't in the office as of yet.

Today I am going to concentrate on packing and getting ready to leave early, early tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The letter

Got a letter in the mail from the school board.  It isn't a good one!  My son will more than likely be expelled.  He will not be able to graduate from the school he has attended since the 5th grade.  UGH!  He has a 4.0 at the college where he takes two hours of class.  He even won a scholarship from that school (good for one year after high school graduation)......  he will not get to "walk" nor attend any sporting events or have any privileges that come with being a senior.  

I do not know what to do.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who am I?

I have been enjoying reading others blogs.  You get to look into the lives of others, see some pictures, and then reflect on your own life.  I have read sad blogs, funny blogs and inspiring blogs.
I think back at where I saw myself when I was graduating from high school, going to college - where did I see myself down the road?  Certainly not where I am now.  That is for sure.  Our family has had so many ups and downs - it would certainly depress you if you looked at the entire "elephant" - but, when you consider we are still going, barely some days, that says a lot.

This is just a crazy question I am putting out to the Internet galaxy.................. are you where you thought you would be in this point in your life?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yeah, it's Monday!

The company has cleared out!  We had a great time and will be seeing them again real soon.  We are driving to Montana this week (hopefully by Thursday) and the in-laws will be flying to Montana from  Florida.  I am going to my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party.  They are just going to see my husbands father (mom passed away a couple of years ago) and their sister that lives in Fort Benton.  It is a 32 hour drive!  I am  hoping to drive straight through now that I have two drivers (son & daughter) to help!  Lord have mercy!

We also own four airplanes....

Too bad they are crop dusting airplanes and carry only one (the pilot).  We own four yet can't afford to fly and have to drive 32 hours...........

that is just messed up!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I wasn't kidding!

I wasn't kidding...............I need to clean my house.  After looking at my messy kitchen.... 

Company's coming....

My husband called the other day to tell me that his sister and her family were coming to stay the night with us.  They had been to Branson for the 4th and on their way home to Navarre, FL.  Her  husband is a Captain in the Air Force.  They have two boys.....  wanting to help take our Christmas picture on the beach at Thanksgiving.  So, excuse me while I go clean my house!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ya gotta love them!

Here are the little girls:  Princess & Baby
The big girls:  Gracie & Bell

and the wild bunch!

before the rain.....

It is now raining!  The good news is I did get in a couple of hours at the pool with my girls.  I am taking care of a friends pool and plants while they are at the beach (without me!).  My son met with his lawyer at 4 and came back with a much better outlook on life.  I am grateful for this.
I do not condone destructive behavior but I can't imagine destroying an 18 year olds life before it even begins.  There is still hope for him......

My life, my mess

Summer is slipping away.  Believe it or not, life goes on (with or without you).  Each day is easier than the last.  I was sleeping on a float in my girlfriends pool in her backyard when I got the call that my son had (or was in the process) of getting arrested.  I haven't been back to her pool since.  That was about two weeks ago - give or take.  Can  you believe I can't actually tell you the day it happened?  I am on my summer break, I work at the school and am off until August 1st.  I don't keep up with days or the time!  Unless something important is coming up - then I remind myself every now and then what day it is.  We are in a "holding pattern" as my pilot husband would say.  All we can do is wait.  July 30th my son will plead "not guilty" (by reason of insanity - mine) to the felony charge.  What happens after that.... I do not know.  I believe we get a court date.  We will all go - the girls included.  We hurt as a family, we heal as a family.  This isn't just happening to my son, we are all living this nightmare.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

P.S. Clarification

I should probably clarify the felony part............ make no mistake, he has been charged with a felony.  We had a bondsman ($1,500.00) and hired a lawyer ($2,000.00/retainer) and we will be going to court.............. but I haven't completely ruled out all hope for my son.  As reckless as he can be - he can be so smart (is that a form of bipolar I wonder?) Anyhow.... my son gave his friend a ride.  That is his greatest crime.  That and the fact that his friend (whom he gave a ride) took a chainsaw to the high school and sawed off five trees in the courtyard.  Criminal mischief, felony. We made the papers, three times so far, front page.  The only thing the paper got right was his name and our address.  They made it sound like they plotted and planned and destroyed together.  As far as their statements (and the police report) his friend took 100% of the blame, wanted to do a senior prank (my son still hasn't stopped saying "I wasn't a senior"), and copied what others had done before him.  There was no plotting or planning.  Only instead of cutting one tree down, he cut five.  My son never stepped foot on school property.  He never got out of the vehicle.  He just dropped his friend off and drove away......
I made the mistake of saying (yes, OUT LOUD and in public) that I know my son didn't do it, he isn't motivated enough to do five trees.  Technically he didn't.... but there is this little tiny problem we are having.... the law in Arkansas says he did.  My son was held back in the first grade, therefore he hasn't graduated yet - but he did turn 18...... He is an adult (at least in age).  We will pay, in more ways than one, for my son's stupidity.  

Did I happen to mention that my son has a full scholarship,  good for one year after graduating from high school?  or that I work for the school........ 

My #1, my son

It is hot and humid out today..... with chances of rain.:(  Ate lunch with him today (usually everyday).  He is acting his normal self with no sense of reality.  Hard to believe that he is going to be a senior this year.  He technically, should have graduated this last year.  Part of me wishes that he had.... He is in no way ready for life.  It is mainly my fault.  I have not prepared him for anything.  The two girls are much easier to relate to and deal with.  I always thought Mo would step up to the plate and take over raising him or at least help.  He never did.  I should have known and changed my strategy when he hit 13.  It is too late now.  He has been charged with a felony........