Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who am I?

I have been enjoying reading others blogs.  You get to look into the lives of others, see some pictures, and then reflect on your own life.  I have read sad blogs, funny blogs and inspiring blogs.
I think back at where I saw myself when I was graduating from high school, going to college - where did I see myself down the road?  Certainly not where I am now.  That is for sure.  Our family has had so many ups and downs - it would certainly depress you if you looked at the entire "elephant" - but, when you consider we are still going, barely some days, that says a lot.

This is just a crazy question I am putting out to the Internet galaxy.................. are you where you thought you would be in this point in your life?


Ricardo said...

I don't think that things EVER work out according to plan. Do they? But that doesn't necessarily make me angry or upset. I garner a deep appreciation for the journey and I look forward for what's to come. The past has shaped who I am today (I'm a strong and confident person). I think that it prepared me for the challenges to come. So I don't regret being where I am, I still have a whole lot of life ahead of me.

Debbie said...

I'm going to say sort of. I knew I'd have a houseful of kids. I didn't think I'd be nearly raising them alone. But this will be one of my life lessons. I tend to live for the day, neither looking back or to the future too much. Whatever will be will be, so to speak. :)