Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the road again!

We made it home (FINALLY).  That is the longest drive!  But, we will be making it again here shortly.  We are going home to stay in December.  It was a hard decision, but now a relief that it is made.  My biggest loss will be my job that I dearly love!  I am the school nurse at our local junior high.  I have the same hours as my kids.  I am able to attend every sporting event they are in (volleyball, basketball and cheerleading).  I don't even have to pay at the home games because I am an employee.  The school board and superintendent are aware that my son did not go on school property nor cut down any trees.  He just dropped off the young man who did do the damage.  For several years now, the seniors that have done the pranks have gotten off with paying for the damages.  They have never been able to "punish" anyone because they had graduated.  Not so this time, my son has become their target of "making an example" out of.  They have even told me that. I see both sides of the argument.  I know they need to stop the pranks.  But the punishment does not fit the crime.  My son would be expelled for half the school year and then be sent to the alternative school for the last half.  He will not get to graduate with his class (if he is able to catch up on his expelled homework and graduate at all). He is not allowed on school property.   

I will post pictures of my trip asap!  I did enjoy my time there and feel a load taken off of my mind!


A Day to Share with Tammy said...

Welcome back. I am so sorry about your son. I just went to blog and saw your were there. I have thought about you so much.

I hope your trip was a great one. You just have to pick up the pieces and move on. Life is short. This will pass for your son. I still have to share my story. I have not forgotten.

Debbie said...

You've kept me glued to the page reading. What an unfair ordeal, for lack of a better word, for your family. If they are going to make an example out of someone, why not the one who did an actual crime? Sorry you are going through all this.