Thursday, July 10, 2008

My life, my mess

Summer is slipping away.  Believe it or not, life goes on (with or without you).  Each day is easier than the last.  I was sleeping on a float in my girlfriends pool in her backyard when I got the call that my son had (or was in the process) of getting arrested.  I haven't been back to her pool since.  That was about two weeks ago - give or take.  Can  you believe I can't actually tell you the day it happened?  I am on my summer break, I work at the school and am off until August 1st.  I don't keep up with days or the time!  Unless something important is coming up - then I remind myself every now and then what day it is.  We are in a "holding pattern" as my pilot husband would say.  All we can do is wait.  July 30th my son will plead "not guilty" (by reason of insanity - mine) to the felony charge.  What happens after that.... I do not know.  I believe we get a court date.  We will all go - the girls included.  We hurt as a family, we heal as a family.  This isn't just happening to my son, we are all living this nightmare.


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