Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's been a while!

It has been a while since I last visited! ha!  Been busy at work.  Had to go back to school the first of this month.  Tomorrow is the first day of school!  It is always fun to be there when the new 8th graders are lost and so unsure of themselves.  It will be total chaos!  My youngest daughter will be joining me at my school!  She has the advantage of knowing the school because she always had to wait there for me to get off of work.  We have our school computers blocked - so I can't blog or check on any blogs! :(

My husband is home - this is not a good thing.  He was supposed to be flying until September - this will really cut into our income.  We may be leaving for Montana a lot sooner than planned!

My son has taken his test for his "Arkansas State Diploma" - that is french for GED.  If he passes he will use his scholarship to start college as a freshman on Aug. 28th - say a prayer that it all goes well.  I just say he clept out of his senior year............ a slight embellishment there....
but it sounded good.  Still have not told my parents anything.  They are still at the Oregon coast on their 50th anniversary trip.  They will be home next week............ I'll do it then........

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