Thursday, August 28, 2008

Volleyball & Prison - that is my life!

We (I use the term loosely here) have started volleyball season.  This basically means that 2 - 3 times a week I will rush from my job to jump in my car and travel up to two hours one way to watch approximately fours hours of volleyball.  As my butt becomes numb on the bleachers I will cheer for both of my girls - one on the junior high team and one on the senior high team.  I will consume large amounts of food that I know are no where near any of the food groups that are good for you and suck down Dr. Pepper by the gallon!  After becoming near comatose from all the calories and lack of movement, I'll drive home - first stopping once again at the school to drop my oldest daughter off at her car (heaven forbid anyone ride the bus home from a game!).  

OOOHHH - update!  The irony is KILLING me - but, the three boys who beat the stew out of the farmer????..........Yeah ........... the case got thrown out.  Go figure.......... who knew, I mean really, who knew that you could beat someone up so badly, leave them blind in one eye in a ditch for dead and no problem - you get off.  But heaven forbid you drive a friend to do a school prank &  don't participate in the least - I am sure he will get life in prison.............UGH!!!!  Oh... and I STILL haven't told my mother!  Any ideas on how to break the ice?  Oh yeah mom, Kyle is charged with a felony for dropping his friend off to do a senior prank, got expelled from school, got his GED, scored so high they gave him a scholarship and he is now a freshman in college.  So, don't worry about coming down in May for his high school graduation or receiving any senior pictures/announcements  in the mail.  Oh by the way.... we are moving home at Christmas.  I can hear her hit the floor now!

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Holy cow. I must go through some archives to get more info!