Monday, August 18, 2008

Lord Have Mercy!!

Well, what started out to be a pretty good first day back at school ended up rather.... well, sucky to be exact.  After lunch I got a text message from a friend saying "I just read the newspaper and know that I am praying for you."  Let me tell you when a text comes across with those words - you know it can't be good.  We hit the front page for the fourth time!  Mind you three men beat the stew out of a farmer and left  him for dead and he is now blind in one eye ALSO four juveniles vandalized a teacher's home to the tune of $240,000.00 (that's right - no type O there) and they HAVE NOT made the front page four times.  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?  My son gives a friend a ride and is charged with a felony!  I am telling you, if I could up and quit my job today, I would. The school superintendent told me that it would not be privy information to the newspaper.... the information being that Kyle got suspended.  Once again the paper made it sound like Kyle cut the trees down.  I couldn't get home fast enough and refused to take my youngest daughter to Walmart to get her school supplies............ I'll have to leave the house soon enough to go back to school in the morning (after everyone has read the paper!).  Both of my girls had to sit through first day back to school lectures where the "tree cutting/vandalizing issues were repeatedly brought up.  When one family member screws up - everyone suffers.  I don't care what anyone says - it's a family sentence.

Lord have mercy!!!  Oh  yeah, my husband was nice enough to cook dinner AND take Abbie to Walmart for school supplies.  I will repent and return to normal tomorrow......... tonight, I am going to feel sorry for myself.


Virginia Janet said...

Nice husband..! My husband also shopped at WalMart with my daughter for school supplies.

A Day to Share with Tammy said...

Hey it is me. That is so totally wrong. I know you are about to go crazy with this. This is one of those Nightline or 60 minutes shows going on. It has got to be so hard on you. Is there some sort of slander charge against the newspaper that you can file. Well, I am sure it would cost a arm and a leg to do that.

Well, I think about you often. I had a comment on my blog from a Stephanie the other day. I got excited. I thought yea...she is back on the scene.